Since its founding in 1959 , Brs Venturi begins his activities as auto parts and bowing to the item shortly oil hydraulic, growth has been steady, coming to work under quality certification according to strict international standards, but without neglecting family business roots and global good.

In 1962 begin a major expansion would come from their 150 initial m2 4000 M2 online time solo 3 years after, oleohidráulica then step starting with the development of a steering cylinder own design.

Additionally hydraulic gear pumps and hydrostatic steering units that were accepted with great enthusiasm by the tractor manufacturers, agricultural machinery and road equipment happen to make the most important product line.

In 1979 Road opens in modern plant Montecristo 18000 m2. Between the years 1998 – 2000 obtained two important certifications, el ISO 9000 y ISO 9001 through the international certification body TÜV Anlagentechnik GmbH.

All these certifications realize that Venturi has always been concerned about the quality of their products. Venturi currently has an extensive branch network in Argentina, Brazil and Chile and dealers throughout Latin America.

For his career of more than half a century allows Venturi position as leading Latin American oleohidráulica.